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Human Centric Lighting (HCL) is the most modern lighting technology, specifically engineered for humans. Sunlight has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on our body, our well-being, and our performance. Yet, we spend most of the day inside, be it at the office or at home – far away from direct natural light sources.

Incorrect lighting at the wrong time, such as that emitted by neon lights, can disrupt our internal clock, leading to issues with sleep and concentration.

With Human Centric Light you enter a new era of light: HCL lighting systems follow the natural rhythm of the sun and, with its biodynamic control, provides the right light for the respective living or working situation at all times.

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Work better

Along with nutrition and exercise, light is our most important source of energy. Activating HCL light with a high blue content increases our concentration and alertness better than any coffee.

Sleep better

Excessive brightness delays the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, disrupting the timing and quality of sleep. Human Centric Lighting (HCL) adjusts brightness levels in the evening, promoting better rest and sleep quality.

Feel better

The right light at the right time stimulates your circadian rhythm and helps you feel significantly more vital. These effects of HCL have been proven by a large number of relevant studies.

HCL and

The University Hospital of Hamburg Eppendorf investigated the effectiveness of dynamic light in school lessons. The results are exemplary of a large number of different studies that demonstrate the effect of light on the human body.


more quickly

in reading speed


fewer mistakes

in text comprehension


less stress

after the end of the test

The circadian rhythm.

The circadian rhythm, lasting approximately 24 hours, mirrors the typical human sleep-wake cycle. Numerous bodily functions, including body temperature, hormone levels, breathing, and circulation, synchronize with this rhythm. Light plays a pivotal role as the primary influencer, exerting a profound impact on our health when aligned with the natural progression of day and night.

The Human Centric Lighting concept.

HCL replicates natural variations in light intensity and color temperature indoors, utilizing artificial light to mimic the effects of daylight. By delivering appropriate lighting conditions at specific times, HCL endeavors to create an optimized environment for work and living.

Our HCL+ technology.

At HEAVN, we integrated this comprehensive understanding into the development of our HCL lights. The outcome is a harmonious blend of design, hardware, and software. With approximately 500 individual LEDs encompassing 4 distinct LED types, our lights consistently deliver optimal illumination. Free from reflections and 100% flicker-free, they provide unparalleled lighting quality.

Decisive factors

for the biological effect of light on humans:

Color and spectrum of light.

The light entering our eyes significantly influences numerous bodily functions. Typically characterized by its color temperature in Kelvin (°), light spectrum plays a crucial role. Higher Kelvin numbers denote bluer (cooler) light, known for its awakening and activating properties. Conversely, warmer light tends to have a calming and relaxing effect. Unlike narrow-band light sources, our technology utilizes premium LED modules boasting wide spectrums that dynamically adjust throughout the day. This approach mirrors the natural full spectrum and changing qualities of daylight, in contrast to cheaper RGB technologies.

The angle of the light

The impact of light on our bodies is contingent upon the angle at which it reaches our eyes. When wavelengths akin to daylight enter the inner eye at an optimal angle of 0-45°, they are absorbed by the retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs). These cells house the light-sensitive protein melanopsin, which is particularly responsive to blue wavelengths. The retinal ganglion cells play a pivotal role in synchronizing our internal clock, regulating the suppression or activation of the sleep hormone melatonin, and aiding in the management and stabilization of our natural day-night rhythm.

Light and illuminance

Luminous intensity quantifies the light emitted by a source in a particular direction, while illuminance measures the light's intensity where it lands. The total light output from a lamp is gauged by luminous flux in lumens. Surface brightness is described as luminance, and variations in brightness within our field of vision are termed surrounding luminance. To perceive light as daylight, it necessitates a harmonious interplay of these parameters and a melanopic effect that fluctuates throughout the day, being optimal during daytime hours.

Planarity of light

This concerns the surface area of both the luminaire and the walls it illuminates. Evolutionarily, our response to the blue sky necessitates a broad area to stimulate the retinal ganglion cells effectively. A small spotlight, for example, would have minimal impact in this regard. This is why the HEAVN One is intentionally larger compared to a traditional desk lamp – more surface area equates to more light reaching the eye. This is precisely why the HEAVN One, with its three light directions and patented geometry, can have such a positive effect.

Light with you at the center

With our HCL+ technology, we consistently push the boundaries beyond the norm. This is why our products are meticulously crafted with the user at the forefront. The outcome is an unparalleled fusion of various technologies, creating a truly distinctive symphony of light unmatched anywhere else in the world.

The outcome? HEAVN lights deliver maximum impact, providing a biological effect of up to 10,000 lux. This enables effective and natural support for your circadian rhythm. We're confident you'll experience the difference firsthand!

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