HEAVN Pure pendant light

Working and living – in its most beautiful form

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At any time -
always the right light.

Whether it's morning breakfast, midday work sessions, or evening relaxation— or perhaps the reverse: with HEAVN Pure, you can immerse yourself in the perfect lighting for any moment of the day. Aligning seamlessly with the sun's path or personalized to your preferences. How? Through groundbreaking Human Centric Lighting technology (HCL), intuitive gesture control, and the HEAVN app.

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Sleep better

Cool light can postpone the release of the sleep hormone melatonin, affecting the quality and timing of sleep. HEAVN Pure adjusts light color and intensity dynamically throughout the day, promoting restful sleep and a refreshed start to your mornings.

Work better

In addition to nutrition and exercise, light serves as a vital energy source for us. Cool Human Centric Lighting (HCL) with heightened blue content enhances our concentration and alertness more effectively than a cup of coffee—naturally and without distractions.

To feel better

The appropriate light at specific times supports your internal clock. Lighting scenarios inspired by the sun promote a heightened sense of vitality. These Human Centric Lighting (HCL) effects have been substantiated by numerous relevant studies.

Experience the HEAVN Pure, which was awarded the reddot design award – experience a new form of energy and balance and how the HCL light expands your lifestyle and spaces.

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Unique lighting moods

So close to the sun

There are numerous features that render our HEAVN Pure truly exceptional.

Its light characteristics closely emulate sunlight unlike any other lighting available. This is because it not only dynamically follows the solar spectrum throughout the day, but also delivers unparalleled brilliance in color reproduction. The Pure incorporates three groups of wide-band, full-spectrum LEDs of the highest caliber, instead of the typical two. This enables an expansive color dynamic range, resulting in a visible distinction.

With its understated design and light that seemingly emanates from nowhere, the HEAVN Pure epitomizes a timeless integration of light, technology, and well-being.

HCL meets gesture control

Feels like magic

Thanks to our Human Centric Lighting Technology (HCL), the lighting moods of the HEAVN Pure always feel appropriate - and they are.
The independently changing light colors were coordinated in close collaboration with leading sleep researchers and doctors.

You can control the lighting moods yourself at any time using intuitive hand gestures. With the gesture sensor you have the direction, intensity and spectrum completely in your hands.


A small movement of the hand is enough to make the HEAVN Pure shine – and you too.


Too light or too dark? Easily change the intensity of the light as you like.

Light color

Warmer or cooler? By adjusting the light spectrum, you decide whether you want to concentrate or relax.

Unique height adjustment

Your light
at the right height

If only everything were as easy as adjusting the height of the HEAVN Pure. A single touch with one finger is all it takes for the light to effortlessly glide up and down, maintaining perfect horizontal alignment. Whether for focused work, leisurely reading, or social gatherings, this feature ensures versatility. With its seamless and smooth roll-up mechanism, adjusting the height is a breeze, guaranteeing you always find the perfect setting.

The HEAVN app.
Full control

In addition to gesture control, all functions can be controlled via the HEAVN smartphone app. Personalize your HEAVN Pure experience according to your needs. Free download in the App Store and Google Play.

Direct and
indirect light

Extensively bright or focused? Adjust the lighting direction and intensity of the HEAVN Pure so that it is perfect for your needs. The HEAVN Pure shines direct and indirect full spectrum light in two individually adjustable directions – towards the ceiling and downwards.


A design that convinces.

Technical data

Slim but mighty! Thanks to the sophisticated cooling concept and the special rhombic shape, the HEAVN Pure can impress with its radiance! Discover the multitude of technical refinements that are also reflected in the technical data.

Experience the new feeling of space and life with the HEAVN Pure

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