HEAVN Pure Suspension

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  • Supports day/night rhythm thanks to Human Centric Lighting
  • Automatic control of light color and intensity
  • Ideal lighting for video conferences
Length of the luminous body: 100cm
Height adjustment: Clamping height adjustment in canopy
Farbe: Black

Black with steppless height adjustment: 3-4 working days
Silver & Gold: 6-8 weeks
Clamping height adjust: on request

The canopy is available in black for an additional charge of €50. Please send your order to order@heavn-lights.com.

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Indirect light to the ceiling

The continuously switchable indirect light brightens the atmosphere via the ceiling.

• Circadian controlled
• Light color: 1800-6500K
• Up to 1600//2600 lumens
• geometrically glare-free
• CRI > 90

Wide table illumination

The HEAVN Pure offers extensive illumination of your surfaces in the living room, kitchen or office.

• Circadian controlled
• Light color 1800-6500K
• Up to 1600//2600 lumens
• geometrically glare-free
• CRI > 90

Continuous height adjustment

A gentle pressure with your finger is enough. Thanks to the gentle automatic roll-up mechanism, the HEAVN Pure remains stationary at any height. Depending on your wishes, you can choose between different extension lengths.

Human Centric

There are many factors that make the Pure so special. Starting with simple installation up to a special light spectrum of previously unattainable quality. You will notice the difference as soon as you have them in front of you.

Smart solar cycle

The HEAVN One can automatically adjust its light to the natural course of the sun. Seasonally perfectly coordinated with the sunrise and sunset at your location.