HEAVN Human Centric Lighting

Light that feels like the sun

Productivity and well-being through a professional setup


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Naturally relaxed. Naturally vital.


Known from:

Human Centric Lighting 2.0

Light for greater well-being and performance

HEAVN is the intelligent lighting that adapts to the path of the sun and enhances your life.

More vitality.

The correct interaction of different wavelengths makes you feel significantly more vital, relaxed, and overall better.

More concentration.

The vitalizing wavelengths of light promote hormonal equilibrium, combat fatigue and enhancr concentration.

More sleep.

The calming wavelengths help your body to increase the production of melatonin, a hormone that calms you down and prepares you for optimal sleep.

These are big promises that we fulfill thanks to years of research and innovation.

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The right light - at the right time.
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Made in Germany

Desk productivity.

Experience work lighting in a new way. The unique combination of a desk and daylight lamp is more than the sum of its parts. It is created to stabilize your biorhythm and increase your productivity.

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Life and work combined.

Enjoy the full flexibility of your life with the HEAVN Pure pendant light. Whether you are working in the office, working from home at the dining table or having dinner with friends. Our HEAVN Pure puts every moment in the right light.

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I recommend HEAVN to anyone who wants to use their time effectively and increase their efficiency.

Frank Thelen, European Investor

Our breakthrough technology

We ensure that your needs are always the focus. That's why all of our lights are tailored to the body's biological needs and can always be operated both on the light and via our app. This means you can configure your own personal scenes or automatic light changes based on the path of the sun. But we are particularly proud of the many details that make a HEAVN light so special.

Our story and passion

Behind HEAVN is a team of more than 20 motivated people whose goal is to create more than 'just' lighting. That's why we're rethinking light from the ground up, collaborating with leading scientists and creating our own pioneering technologies that put you at the center. Made and designed in Germany.

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