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Supports day/night rhythm thanks to Human Centric Lighting

• Light concept with:
- Wide table illumination
- Indirect room brightening
- Activating daylight light
- Video conferencing function
- Automatic adjustment throughout the day
- app

HEAVN One Plus
Like HEAVN One, but also with:
• Charging station in the lamp base
• Air quality sensor with status display

Model: ‎ONE
Color: Silver

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Indirect light to the ceiling

Thanks to the continuously switchable indirect lighting, the HEAVN One offers atmospheric room lighting across the walls and ceiling.

• Circadian controlled
• Light color: 1800-6500K
• 1400 lumens, CRI > 90

Wide table illumination

The HEAVN One offers extensive illumination of your workplace with more than 1000 lux at table level

• Circadian controlled
• Light color 1800-6500K
• 1400 lumens, CRI > 90

Smartphone charging station*

Even in the standard configuration, the HEAVN One contains an infrared motion detector and a base with a high-quality surface made of nano coating. With the Plus version, you can also benefit from an inductive charging function for your Qi-enabled smartphones and accessories as well as a sensor for monitoring air quality.

* An additional feature of the Plus version

Integrated daylight light with video conferencing function

Using separate, full-spectrum LEDs, a front-facing daylight light can be continuously switched on. This gets the body going on cloudy days and helps prevent fatigue and winter blues with its revitalizing light. Particularly useful for video conferences. Here the light can act like a softbox using special scenes and lets you shine in front of the camera.

Intelligent control

The HEAVN One can automatically adjust its light to the natural course of the sun. Seasonally perfectly coordinated with the sunrise and sunset at your location.

A motion sensor or an air quality sensor* can also be activated. This means the light is always ideally tailored to your needs.

* An additional feature of the Plus version

Our lighting concept for the desk

Daylight lamp

The HEAVN One combines three lights in a unique solution: desk lamp, daylight light and ceiling spotlight. Thanks to its smart technology, it adapts precisely to your biorhythm. Your advantage: Naturally more well-being. More productivity, of course. This is ensured by over 500 high-quality LEDs, an integrated motion detector and the biodynamic adjustment of the color temperature from 1,800 to over 6,500 Kelvin, the unique light intensity and our app.

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"The HEAVN One allows me to read documents such as contracts with concentration and without reading glasses. I have the Heavn One on my desk in the office and at home and can no longer imagine life without it."

Jonas Thoss, YouTube Product Tester

"was wide awake again and was able to continue working"

"The coffee button as a push really helps (...) you were wide awake again and could continue working when you would otherwise be close to falling asleep."

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Alexander Giesecke, CEO and founder of Simpleclub

"The HEAVN ONE is definitely worth its price"

"Aside from giving me the right light right away in the morning, the HEAVN One also provides the perfect light for video conferences."


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