A technology that moves


Design. Hardware. Software.

All from a single source. We call this the HEAVN Symphony. It is not just a term, but the core of our technological values.

Technology highlights

Symphony of Design, Hardware and Software.

A multiple of light thanks to 500 LEDs

Unlike conventional desk lamps that are equipped with a single light source, the HEAVN One comes with a total of 500 LEDs divided into three individually controllable light directions.

The full spectrum with 4 LED types

In order to get as close as possible to the color mixture of sunlight, we coordinated several LED groups using complex simulations. In contrast to classic RGBw solutions, our white spectrum appears much more natural.

Clear view without reflections

The light output of the HEAVN One was designed so that there are no annoying reflections of the light on the monitor. This means you can enjoy the good lighting and still not be blinded.

100% flicker-free without compromise

Thanks to a sophisticated control system, the HEAVN lights are absolutely flicker-free. This ensures a pleasant visual experience and avoids symptoms of fatigue. This also makes the lights more suitable for video recordings.


Color rendering - Planck's curve

Planck's curve is used to determine color temperature. A perfectly glowing material is the base. As soon as this is heated, it goes through a color spectrum from light blue, white, yellow and orange to red.

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David Grosse Austing, Founder & CEO

HEAVN is committed to creating technically advanced and high quality products that guarantee a healthy lifestyle and job satisfaction.

The HEAVN app. Full control.

The intelligence contained in every HEAVN light ensures autonomous and smart lighting control that works without your intervention. With the Heavn app you can still adjust the light to your individual preferences and needs.

The app is available to download free of charge from both the App Store and Google Play.