Video interview with air up founder Lena Jüngst

Video-Interview der air up Gründerin Lena Jüngst

As co-founder of the successful company 'air up', Lena Jüngst has made a name for herself in the area of ​​sustainable drinking systems and entrepreneurship. Their commitment to innovation and creativity is clearly reflected in Air-up's success story and is very important to this start-up!

The roots of the groundbreaking 'air up' drinking system go back to 2016, when Lena Jüngst and her co-founder Tim Jäger developed the first prototype of the air-up bottle as part of their bachelor's thesis at the University of Design in Schwäbisch Gmünd. This creative initiative laid the foundation for a pioneering idea: water that is flavored solely by scent. This occurs through retronasal olfactory action, causing the brain to interpret the scent as a taste. In contrast to conventional flavored drinks, 'air up' does not contain any common additives and allows you to drink pure water while experiencing the taste of fruits such as oranges or apples. With the support of the EXIST start-up grant and the financial participation of prominent investors such as Frank Thelen and Ralf Dümmel, Lena Jüngst and her team founded their own start-up in Munich together with three other friends. Since the successful product launch in August 2019, 'air-up' has developed rapidly. The young company, which now employs more than 70 people, has achieved impressive success - over 400,000 starter sets of its unique drinking system have already been sold.

HEAVN One has also been accompanying Lena Jüngst in her creative work for some time now. The lamp has also proven to be an indispensable companion for her. What Lena particularly appreciates about the HEAVN One is its flexibility and dynamism. No matter whether she wants to relax, needs professional lighting for an important video call, or needs to be productive during the day - the HEAVN One gives her everything in one product. The versatility of the lamp is reflected not only in the adjustment of the color temperature, but also in the different light directions. This flexibility allows Lena to adapt the lighting exactly to her needs, be it for creative thought processes, relaxing moments or focused work phases. Another aspect that impresses Lena is the high-quality appearance and manufacturing of the lamp. The quality is reflected not only in the performance but also in the aesthetic design.

The HEAVN One lamp has proven itself to be successful for her - thanks to its outstanding flexibility, high-quality appearance and versatile adjustment options. Thank you!

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