Interview with Frank Thelen

Interview mit Frank Thelen

The last few years have completely changed work and private life and brought health and balance into people's focus. Home office and agile working have significantly changed the setup of life in terms of family life, work and leisure time.

There have been many new findings, particularly in lighting research, that can positively support this change. We are pleased that you are taking the time, without being an active investor, to make our product easier for people to understand.

You're very concerned with efficiency - what does the perfect setup look like for you?

My days are very full and extremely tightly scheduled, so I deal with this topic every day. My goal is to use my time as efficiently as possible, since my day only has 24 hours and time is the limiting factor for me. What is essential is a good team, the right tools, and processes that are as simple as possible for complex issues. The ideal setup at work is the basis for me, as I spend a large part of my day here. HEAVN excited me because the product gave me the solution to a problem that I didn't even know about. I didn't realize that the right light could have a positive impact on my productivity. I'm all the more pleased to have found HEAVN.

Discover the HEAVN One now

Frank Thelen with the HEAVN One

What excites you about the HEAVN concept?

This symbiosis of nature and technology to solve modern problems. For me, HEAVN is a concept that solves newly created problems of our millennia-old biological origins through the symbiosis of biology, physics and technology.

What motivated you to buy the HEAVN ONE as a workplace lamp?

New tools and gadgets are my passion. I always try to optimize myself and my environment. The HEAVN One has increased my productivity, professionalized video conferences and I like the lean design . Many of my employees now also have one of your lights on their desk.

How do you calculate the costs vs. benefits of potential investments?

This is actually very simple. For a clear investment decision to be made, the benefits must be greater than the costs within a calculated period of time. At the HEAVN One  for me a clear YES. I don't want to work more than 10 hours a day and want to make it as productive as possible.

Note from HEAVN: Studies on light show increases in productivity of up to 30%. If you put this productivity gain in relation to normal salaries, the investment in good lighting is very quickly refinanced.

Frank Thelen with the HEAVN One

How do you feel about workplace amenities as a benefit for employees?

High-quality equipment and a good workplace are becoming increasingly important. Companies are fighting for the best talent in the world, and the office also plays an important role here.

Would you recommend HEAVN?

I recommend anyone who wants to use their time effectively and increase their efficiency to at least try HEAVN. Personally, it helped me a lot.

Discover the HEAVN One now

Thank you very much Frank for your time and your words and all the best.

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