From nutrition to office lighting: 9 bright tips to combat meeting fatigue

Müder Geschäftsmann kurz vor dem nächsten Meeting.

Whether in the home office or in the office, from one-on-one appointments to meeting marathons – digital and physical meetings with colleagues demand a lot from us. There is now even a name for the phenomenon in online meetings: “Zoom Fatigue”.

According to a study by the Institute for Employment and Employability, those affected were diagnosed with difficulty concentrating, impatience, being annoyed and lacking balance. To avoid “meeting fatigue”, we’ll show you 9 bright tips to optimize productivity and attention and reveal the effect biodynamic office lighting has.


Even a lack of body language consumes energy

Physical presence is missing in video calls. Our brain tries to interpret the participants’ facial expressions and gestures on the screen. But this is only partially successful. The result: The body uses up energy and becomes tired. Or: when we look at the screen in the digital team update, we often pay the most attention to our own facial expressions, gestures and posture. This continuous self-control also quickly becomes tiring. Lack of exercise and technical problems, such as connection difficulties or other sources of interference, influence our ability to absorb and therefore our work productivity. This performance is extremely important, especially at meetings, in order to achieve efficient results in physical or digital encounters.


These tips will help you combat meeting fatigue:


Tip #1: 45-minute meeting rule

Set a fixed duration of 45 minutes per meeting. If a longer meeting is planned, plan longer breaks after the 45 minutes have elapsed. This ensures optimized conversation cultures, more structure and promotes the efficiency of appointments with colleagues.


Tip #2: (Not) a team meeting

Which people from the company really need to attend the appointment? It is often enough if parts of the team communicate with each other directly and all relevant information is shared afterwards. Particularly in online meetings, the course of the conversation is often characterized by interruptions that can quickly become emotional.


Tip #3: Focus instead of multitasking

You should avoid surfing privately or researching for the next appointment. Multitasking puts a strain on the brain and the efficiency of the meeting suffers as a result. Keep your attention high by eliminating parallel activities.


Tip #4: Change your working position

Poor posture is one of the most common complaints when working in an office. Ideally, you should alternate between sitting and standing positions. Height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs are particularly suitable for this.


Tip #5: Power nap for more attention

The body quickly tires, especially when daily video meetings pile up on the calendar. Focusing on the screen is extremely stressful, especially for the eyes. Take a maximum of 20 minutes of time out and use it for a “nap”. Set an alarm clock so that you wake up on time and have enough time to concentrate the strength you have gained.


Tip #6: Drink enough and regularly

Adults should drink around 2-3 liters of water daily. What many people underestimate, however, is the regularity. It is best for the body if smaller amounts of water are drunk throughout the day and at regular intervals. Coffee, matcha or mate teas also have a positive effect on your circulation and give you the alertness you need for the next meeting.


Tip #7: Avoid high-fat foods and eat light foods

It's no secret that high-fat foods are not particularly good for digestion. The intestines have a massive influence on our fitness, activity and well-being. Make sure you eat a light, healthy diet, especially during working hours. You should definitely have enough fresh vegetables and fruit on your menu for the office or home office. Light soups or salads are recommended here. Chewing thoroughly also relieves the strain on the gastrointestinal tract during digestion.


Tip #8: PC and headset – optimize technical equipment

Your own laptop and headset should be optimized for digital meetings. A good video quality from the webcam and a microphone that is as noise-free as possible are the first step. Noise-cancelling headphones are also ideal for focusing on the online meeting.


Tip #9: There will be biodynamic light for optimal office lighting

Light plays an important role in our productivity and efficiency in meetings. A well-lit work environment is the first step, but the type of light also plays a big role. There are various studies that show that so-called biodynamic office lighting massively minimizes the error rate (approx. 45 percent) and also increases reading speed by up to 30 percent. A distinction is made between two types of light:

  • Blue cool light (≥6,500 Kelvin / ≥1,000 Lux)
  • Cozy, warm light (≤2,700 Kelvin / ≤300 Lux)


Our world's first HEAVN One desk lamp has a biological effect of 10,000 lux and contains the intensity, dynamics, color and angle of natural light. This is how we can promote productivity and well-being. The topic of office lighting is still too often underestimated; we can help you equip a working environment with ideal natural lighting conditions.


There are many adjustments that you can make in your home office as well as in the office. Ultimately, it is important that you feel comfortable and create the optimal conditions for the best possible productivity. We are convinced that the light and office lighting in your workplace can have a massive, positive impact on your work performance and that of your team. Especially in meetings, it is important to focus directly on the content of the conversation and to plan and implement new milestones together. Try our 9 tips for yourself and you will see that meeting fatigue will disappear more and more.

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